Of a lot in your free time hookers and you can sexually active singles and lovers promote right here, some despite direct pix

Of a lot in your free time hookers and you can sexually active singles and lovers promote right here, some despite direct pix
Dutch Sex Book

sex date with some of those hot Dutch amateur chicks and party sluts who seek one-night stands or some pocket cash?

A15 Girls

Coxy Privethuis named after highway A15 that is close to this private establishment in Wadenoijen near Amsterdam. It’s therefore easy to reach by car driving commuters who value this strategic Styria escort guide location. They offer free sex promotions (read the conditions on their index page). A click on “Dames” will show small thumbs of their providers.

Erotische Massagen

Leeuwarden in North Dutch province of Friesland presents an exclusive massage parlor to it’s partons with experienced therapists aged from 25 to 45. Each massage entitles to free solarium visits to complete relaxation program with a crispy beach vacation tan. Erotic massages with four hands are one of their more sensous experiences. Their website offers all relevant information for contact.

Photograph Amsterdam

Prostitution information center for Amsterdam. One of the more serious sites to retrieve information from, not just that pimp’s site who wants to sell his wife’s rectum. Solid bookmark about De Wallen RLD, Hollands main tourist attraction for sex travelers.

Yab Yum

They claim to be the most pleasant and exclusive nightclub in the world. They are definately on the expensive site. Entrance including drinks will cost you 75 Euro. Located in Amsterdam. Latest news is the Amsterdam brothel closed down as ordered by a court due to their relation to organized crime as published by A’dam government and wikipedia. The webpage is still up. Maybe the person in charge can not be reached to switch it off LOL

Anna Escort

Hot and busty blonde and her friends for outcall in Rotterdam. Anna calls her own offer a high class escort services. She has long, curly blonde hair. Her cougar bottom is rather inviting in large size. She has 10 girlfriends offering similar qualities, many of whom are genuine Dutch girls.

The new Walletjes

A classical site about the Dutch number 1 nightlife spot and Europe’s largest prostitution center: Amsterdam. A nice editorial site combined with a busy message board full of discussions and fresh hooker reviews. The best Amsterdam brothel bookmark available!

Los angeles Cloche

An Utrecht brothel. Luxurious rooms offer a paradise like environment where to relax with their angelic girls. Very big beds – an invitation to have sex with more than one lady of the night 😛 Are you a devil?


Messageboard with lots of discussions about Amsterdam, Roterdam, Utrecht and other red-light districts (RLD) in Holland and the rest of the World. One of the most active monger boards in the world as Dutchies travel all around the globe to find the best and cheapest sex around. Bookmark!

Sex due to the fact Money

Prostitution is legal in Holland with prostitutes openly advertising their services in newspapers and online. Providers have to pay income tax on their earnings from sex. One could think that using sex as a currency would be illegal because – not because it is prostitution, but it would cut out provisions of licensing and tax obligations. However, Dutch parliament voted for this being legal. From now on, students who want to learn driving may pay their teachers by selling them sex in return rather than cash.

Thai Rub Harleem

Sukhsant hosts a handful of experienced Oriental therapists from Thailand that are proficient in various Thai massage styles and are keen on tenderness. Patrons interested in private intimacy with a healing touch should feel comfortable here. The slim therapists look great in cocktail gowns and high heels.

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